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Testimonials – Saying It Right

Posted on : 12-05-2011 | By : admin | In : Articles

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Once you have done all you can to pull in traffic into your website…this is just beginning. This is because traffic means nothing if there is no sale and at the end of the day, that is what matters.

Web traffic are made up of individuals who are visiting in your site, and if you are able to convert these “visitors” to “customers” then you are finally heading in the right direction.

But, the reality is that not every visitor who comes to your site will buy. Maybe for you’ll get a sale every 1000 visits, or 600 visits, or maybe even 3500 visits.

This is also known as the conversion rate. And what we want is to have a high conversion rate.

There are plenty of things which can affect your website’s conversion rate. What we are about to discuss today is merely one out of many factors. (Even though this is only one, it doesn’t make this any less important).

A lot of website owners ho are selling a product or service severely underestimate the power of testimonials. Therefore testimonials on their website are non-existent. If you’re one of these people, let me help you see the bigger the picture on how important they are.

How many times when you’d like to try something new, you’d actually seek the opinions your friends’ who have already tried it out?

Take for example if you knew a friend who tried out the restaurant that you have been wanting to go, you’d ask him/her how it was right?

When he tells you about his experience going the restaurant, the food, the people, the environment, that’s HIS/HER testimonial right there!

Do you see the importance now?

But of course, you shouldn’t go crazy and start pasting testimonials all over your website for the sake of just having it.

How many times have you seen single-worded testimonials such as “AWESOME..” or “GREAT!” or “A MUST-HAVE!”, followed by a first name and no picture.

This is not a proper testimonial and this might be even bad for business compared to not having it at all.

There is a PROPER approach to getting and putting up a real, solid, magnetic testimonial.

One of the best ways to obtain real, honest and positive testimonials regarding your product or service is……of course from people who actually use them.

You can e-mail simple questionnaires to your current customers asking for their opinions and what is it that they really like about your product or service. Remember to keep it simple and only easy-to-answer questions please.

Having a questionnaire look like an official government form will not get you many replies.

Here are some great and yet simple questions to ask them :

What to they think?

How did they come across it?

How did it improve their lives?

How has it helped them?

What was the favorite thing/feature about the product or service that they liked most?

Would you recommend it to your family/friends?

People tend to be very cautious on the World Wide Web (what with all the bad rep and all) and therefor if might take some convincing to help them determine that you and what you are offering is the real deal.

And a testimonial is just that.

The answers you get from your customers will be a great justification to why your service or product is really great.

Of course it’ll be even better if you can get a testimonial from a famous figure who happens to be using your product/service. Famous figures or faces such as someone who has already a very established and highly reputable company/brand. These are always the best kind of people to have, to write a testimonial for your product or services.

Hopefully you find what you have learned here today useful.

Good luck and here’s wishing you all the best in your online endeavors!