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The humble Sales Letter

Posted on : 14-12-2009 | By : admin | In : Articles

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The reality is that…

The worldwide market is undoubtedly getting more and more crowded. crowdedEven the virtual world, where we have come to known as the Internet does not escape this reality. So what is one to do in order not to be left out, drowned out or even overwhelmed by this surge? It’s simple really, you basically have to be the loudest person in the crowd in order to stick out like a sore thumb.

The saturated market is commonly viewed as a disadvantage. But try to look at it at a different perspective and you can see there actually is a good in all of it. The good that can ESPECIALLY work in YOUR favour.

Bear with me, and I’ll get to the point.

It’s time to BE unique and GET noticed.

It’s time to BE unique and GET noticed.

You see, with more products and services being offered virtually every corner of the internet, everyone is trying to outsell,outpace,outgrow the guy next to him (a.k.a the competition). In order to be more efficient to do those stuff, individuals or companies adopt hard sell marketing techniques and strategies in order to be more efficient. The customers who are hit hardest by this form of sell tactics will eventually become immune to all of this and the tactics lose momentum and thus the effect.


What works well in all of this, is the humble sales letter. Humble yet powerful, a sales letter can be very personal therefore giving a sense of importance and priority to the customer, therefore  showing that there is someone out there who actually cares for the customers wants and needs. Nothing makes a customer feel special like a personalized sales letter.

But before you fire up your spreadsheet and start typing away blindly at the keyboard hoping to produce the next killer sales letter, keep in mind that composing a sales letter is no easy task. Especially when it comes to writing a good one. Come up with a bad sales letter and it gives out all the wrong impression of you and your reputation as a professional will suffer and that’s the last thing you’ll ever want happening to your online business.

Some guidelines

What I’m going to offer you is no magic formula when it comes to sales letter creation, but it is certainly wise to adhere to the basics of making a good sales letter which is listed out below.

Read ME! – For a sales letter to be read, it has to be opened first. Be it e-mail or snail mail, by creating an enticing headline that basically screams “OPEN ME!” and getting the customer to do so, you are already half way there. Titles such as “Great DISCOUNTS on your next purchase” or “HOW to save up to hundreds like I did!” are always winners. Keep the jokes and the play of words to a minimum. You don’t want the customer to have the wrong impression of you. First impressions make a lasting oneAs the saying goes “First impressions are always the most important”

Personal – Addressing the sales letter recipient is always an excellent idea. And there’s nothing better than addressing the customer by name. By using “Dear Mr/Ms/Mrs” or “To : Recipient” customers won’t care much about what you have to say anymore because you’re showing that YOU don’t care either.

Say What?Testimonials are a very good way to help your customers establish your credibility as an individual or a company. Quoting happy customers, (especially more well-known ones) can certainly help your reputation. But like everything else, do it in moderation as having too many quotes in a sales letter will look spammy and you may very well be labeled a liar. Have your contact details such as e-mail or phone number readily available in the sales letter in case the customer has any inquiries and such. You’ll earn more of their trust that way too. (but don’t forget to reply to them though!)

So Pretty – Most human beings are very visual. So it’s not all what you write down in the sales letter, for the most part, HOW you write it may be equally important. Proper use of fonts styles, font sizes, pictures placement, colours and everything that has got to with design should also be a priority. And try not to use too much abbreviations or jargons most people won’t understand. Getting someone to read your sales letter is one thing, getting someone to make sense of reading a confusing sales letter, and that’s pushing your luck.
Bonuses are best
Bang for your Buck – Bonuses and incentives are a major customer magnet. List down exactly on what you are offering, may it be a complimentary item or a discount, these things are a definite crowd-pleaser and often a deal sealer. (Who doesn’t like free stuff right?)

Sales Letters Creator

A killing sales letter might be hard to conjure, and it certainly does take time. If you’re interested about writing sales letters then do give Steven Johnson’s easy-to-use Sales Letters Creator program a go. It can help you create professionally looking sales letters without the need of an expensive freelance writer.