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An Online Business Is Still A Business

Posted on : 12-05-2011 | By : admin | In : Articles

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The idea of working from the comfort of your very own home and being your own boss is of course…a very tempting image inside anyone’s head. Yes, online businesses can work, it can be lucrative but it is also hard.

The images you see of people sipping margaritas on the beach while working on a laptop is actually the REWARDS of a successful business.

An online business, is just like any other business. It takes significant work and effort in order to be a successful one. Even though there are some perks working from home, there will be just as much work, (if not more) that has to be done.

Many people think that working from home is gonna be easy, and if they maintain this mindset, they are going to fail even before they start. Before you even consider starting an online business, you are going to have to throw that mindset out of the window if you want to succeed.

One reason many online businesses fail to even take off is because many people think that is easy. And people who think that an online business is easy will not even bother to learn anything.

If they think it’s really that easy, then they should be asking themselves a few questions beforehand. You may have an idea of what you want to do for as a business…

But how do you sell it online?

Where do you sell it?

What do you sell?

Where do you find what you sell?

How are you going to advertise?

Where are you going to advertise it on?


There are literally hundreds of questions concerning just selling a product or service online. If you don’t bother to learn the ropes, you are going to be stuck staring at a blank screen.

Fortunately for us, the Web is full of information regarding the proper approach on how to conduct an online business. But you have to know where to look and you must have the thirst for the knowledge. Only then you will know what options you have and only then you can make carry out informed decisions.

Sometimes an online business may require a small investment (such as payment for banners and ads). With adequate knowledge, you use the time and money you invested for your online business in a more effective way.

There are millions and millions of website on the World Wide Web. When you have a website of your own, it’s easy to overlook yours if you don’t have something special or unique that sets your website from the rest.

Sure, you can emulate the more successful websites, but you can only go so far before becoming a total rip-off of the original site. Learn what works from their site and make it your own to be used on your website. The key is to learn what works while still maintaining your unique identity.

Sure, our goal is to sell stuff online but there is also a delicate approach when it comes down to it. You can’t force what you want to sell down people’s throats. You’ll only drive them away.

Your website doesn’t really have to be all about selling your product/service from header to footer. Include value for your customers as well. Try to offer free content, such as informative articles, funny videos, free e-books, and such. People are more likely to buy from you if they like you, rather than not.

The beach image is not mentioned earlier is not a lie. It’s just a preview of what’s to come after you have put it time and effort into building your online business into a successful one.

Entrepreneurs – Believing The Right Things

Posted on : 11-05-2011 | By : admin | In : Articles

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Be it Small businesses, medium-sized businesses or even large businesses, it all doesn’t matter as any of these businesses are more than susceptible to one thing.


This is a fact and the statistics prove it. Entrepreneurs and their businesses (online or not and regardless of size) are forced to close down or call it quits. The only positive thing that comes out from this is that we are able to learn from these people’s mistakes.

But as there are many reasons (and theories) to as why an entrepreneur’s business faces closure. Let’s bring out some common beliefs on what really is a business killer and see whether or not if it’s true.

The first belief is entrepreneurs fail because they lost did not stick to their long-term plan. This is true for small businesses however. For a small business, short term goals and results are more important than long ones.

This is because, small businesses usually have not much money to start out with.

Therefore there is not enough money to help sustain small businesses in the long run of things.

If you’d like to see your small business grow into a large one, a long-term goal and plan is more than necessary. But the trick here is to have your business operations based on short-term goals.

Another common belief on why entrepreneurs and their businesses fail is because entrepreneurs depend on only a small number of customers. This belief is true, but only if you have only 5 customers to start out with.

The internet is flocked full of potential prospects just waiting for you to come along with what you have to offer. But once thing for certain that everyone can agree is that, it’s always easier (time and money wise) to push your products or services to existing customers than it is to find new ones.

You should always keep finding new ways to bring in customers while at the same time, maintain a pleasant business relationship with your current ones. It’s a juggling act, but it’s something that will benefit you in the long run.

So how do you keep the customers happy? By giving them what they want right? So how do you go about doing that?


Encourage them to provide feedback such as discussions, suggestions and comments.

The next belief is that entrepreneurs fail because the tend to “undercharge” their clients. Actually, “overcharging” your clients is like shooting yourself in the foot and overcharging is more likely to drive yourself out of business compared to undercharging them.

“Undercharging” has it’s advantages and place. For example, if you’re a start-up company and you have yet to build your reputation and credentials. The only way to do that is by having customers. And when they like what you have to offer, your reputation will go up. So what is the best way to ask prospects to give you a chance?

By offering services cheaper than what most are offering. People can’t resist a good deal (including myself) and if you’re cheaper or the cheapest one available, people will come flocking in and looking for you.

When you have a better reputation and have positive testimonials accrediting to your good name, only then can you afford to charge a little higher for your guaranteed quality services or products.

Being an entrepreneur has its risks.

But what makes an entrepreneur a successful one is the ability to pick themselves up when they fall, brush it off, learn from their mistakes and move on forward.

Benefits Of Listening To Your Customers

Posted on : 06-05-2011 | By : admin | In : Articles

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Just how do you know what your target audience really wants without them telling you (in some form or another) what they really wanted in the first place right?

Many people are comfortable with assumptions and when it comes to business, assumptions means taking risks. Risks which can pay off, or on the other hand, cost you time AND money.

So getting feedback from customers here is just as important for you, your business and as well as customers. If you can give customers what they want, more customers will seek the products and services that are offered and when customers are happy, so will you (and your business).