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It’s “THAT” Customer Again

Posted on : 10-05-2011 | By : admin | In : Articles

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The customer is always right

How many times have heard of that one before. And most of the time, it’s the customers themselves who say it, as a means to justify how acceptable their demands are disregarding how absurd/ridiculous in really is in fact.

We love our customers. Of course we do. But there’s just so much that we can do or give to them. But occasionally there will always be that “ONE” customer that comes along and gives us hell. You’ll know it when your businesses start to suffer up to the point it affects the results you give the other customers.

When this happens then you know it’s come to the point we have to cut this one loose.

It’s a good idea to keep a constant lookout for these “customers”. It’s best if you can identify them before they really drain you dry.

Here are some signs that you can look out for.


Will you please?

They unhesitatingly and openly take advantage of you. Some may be a little more subtle, as a means of “testing the waters”, but at the end of the day they always show their true colors.

The next thing you know they’re well over your head. They will be friendly and that is how they’ll get you to do work for them for free. They will always play the “FRIEND” card. A little favor here, and a little favor there. At the end of the day, not only do they expect special treatment from you, they DEMAND it.


Next we have the uncertain customer. Sometimes they are so unsure of themselves they even wonder what are they doing there talking to you in the first place. These customers are definitely hard to deal with as they will change whatever the requested as often as they change clothes.

The worse part is, after going through so many changes, you end going what the requested in the very first place. A simple project can be dragged into the length of a big one. It’s easy to go over-budget and past the deadline with these people.


Picture Perfect

These groups of customers are never satisfied even though they are well aware of what they are getting BEFOREHAND. These people expect a work of a masterpiece when buying something that costs a penny. They also always change their minds and every tiny detail is painfully and (time consumingly) looked for as intently looking for a flaw to blame on. These people usually disappointed if they can find nothing wrong with a service or product that they bought.


It’s an emergency

For these kinds of customers, it’s always is an emergency. The work that they want you to perform is always top priority and anything else is not as important.

They expect their orders to be processed first even though they are the last ones that came in. In many cases, they do get their way because they will bug you to the point you’ll do their work first just for them to get off your shoulders.

One thing these customers seem to have in common is even though they can be as demanding or obnoxious as a customer can be, they are not willing to pay extra for the extra services requested.

Interesting isn’t it?

One way to deal with these customers is to write down what’s needed and required from you and your customer beforehand. When you have everything down in writing (such as a contract or agreement) then you have no other obligations outside the contract to the customer.

Think of the legal document as a means of protecting you, your business and employee.