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Your Website – 1st Impression COUNTS

Posted on : 11-05-2011 | By : admin | In : Articles

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Humans naturally fear what they do not understand. In order for them not to fear something is to help them to understand it.

So what’s easy to make them understand something?
Show them something that they’re FAMILIAR with.

Or something that they can relate to. When you can achieve this on your web site, congratulations. You are this close to turning a potential prospect into a paying customer.

The success of an online business is nothing without its reputation. Big companies have already long established their brand and reputation. But we small ones have to build from scratch and this can be hard.

But it’s not a lost cause, as there are some things that are well within your power. Things that you can do to build that more “customer-friendly” website.

A simple testimonial can go a long way. When someone sees that someone has tried your service and product before and has a very pleasant experience with it, chances are prospects will do the same hoping for the same pleasant experience.

Testimonials really stand the test of time because it is like a review and also a recommendation from someone. If the person/organization behind the testimonial is a famous figure, even better!

It’s also great if you could have Twitter accounts and Facebook accounts for your business. Not only are these the bulk of where your future prospects are, you’ll have a chance to place these social networking buttons on your website.

Take for example Twitter follower counts.

When placed on your websites, it shows newcomers that you are someone or a brand where people do follow and its worth to follow. Chances are if the newcomer likes what you are offering, then he or she will follow you as well, adding to that ever-growing number of followers.

Same goes for the Facebook button where instead of follow you get the “LIKE” button. Where the number of likes shows how many people like your web page.

Another method that you can employ to help give that little push when it comes to call to action is to have only a limited number of slots of your services or limited number of your products. When you tell them you only have a limited number left, they see it as what you selling are going off like hot cakes and everyone wants a piece.

And it must be a good deal therefore it makes sense why is it flying of shelves like there’s no tomorrow. The customer (not to feel left out) will also want a piece and this equates to you having a sale.


Website development is one thing and web site design is another. During the course of your online business, you may have to go through several design changes on your website. It could either me major or small but bottom line is, you have to constantly tweak and fine-tune to find out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to customer conversion.