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Social Media In Internet Marketing

Posted on : 06-05-2011 | By : admin | In : Articles

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It’s undeniable now when it comes to the importance of social media involvement in today’s Internet Marketing activities. But just because many people jump in the same bandwagon, know this…not everyone is greeted with the same desired results.

Some may enjoy more success than others, some might enjoy a little, and some might not at all.

Like many other tools available for the Internet marketer, its more important in HOW you use it than WHAT u use.

Sure, everyone knows social media is a powerful tool (including your next-door teenage neighbor) but if you don’t use it wisely then you might as well don’t bother wasting time with it from the start.

So outlined here are some steps which can help you and your business to move forward (or started) with the use of social media.

First off, you have to identify your goal in joining the social media scene.

Is this a means for you to reach out to a wider audience?

Is it to build your reputation or branding?

You wanna look good in the search engine’s eyes?

Is it a place where you can interact with your customer base any time of the day?

Or is it a more direct and efficient approach to selling a particular product or service to a more targeted audience?

Next off, you have to understand to be in good something you actually need to invest the time. Social media is no exception. If you wanna stand out or excel in the niche or field that you have chosen to dab in, you have to be good in what you do or say.

Planning and research is always a necessity and it gives you a sense of direction (so you don’t wander around aimlessly). Time wasted was always time better invested.

You also have to know the one thing where social media sites differs from normal web sites. You may have an excuse when you have an inactive and infrequently updated website. But you are defeating the whole purpose if you treat your social media account just like another regular web blog.

Not only do you need time to develop AROUND your social media account, you need time to be involved IN it.

You MUST be active, interactive and better yet hyperactive. You can’t build it up just to leave it alone and hope it’ll “GROW”. It’s called social media for a reason. You HAVE to be social. So get out there and socialize. Build your presence in the online community that you have registered in, be diligent.

Also, people hate it when you tend to be pushy. So instead of trying to sell them something every minute, offer them something of value. Maybe a valuable content, have a great discussion, be helpful and answer questions.

In the social media scene, it’s not just about providing content. It’s providing content that is both USEFUL and VALUEBLE to your target audience.

Speaking of target audience, try to identify what they like and what they are passionate about. If you can bring up a topic of discussion on what your target audience are passionate about, chances are it’ll go viral and will get everyone talking about it which will tremendously be beneficial for your business.

Plus, don’t sound like a total robot when you’re engaging in the social media scene. Studies have shown that people tend to react and respond (in a better way) to individuals either representing themselves/organization/company/brand when they have personality.

In other words…natural.

A little humor and genuine show of interest can go a long way here.

Social media may or may not stand the test of time. But one thing is for certain is that Internet Marketing and social media is on the rise and for now it’s definitely here to stay for some time to come.

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