Sales Letters Creator 2009 Reviewed and Bonus Offer

Sales Letters Creator 2009 is launching on 15th December 2009.

Mention sales letter writing and you’ll get all kind of negative responses. If sales letter writing wasn’t so important the majority of people would have abandoned the idea altogether in a heartbeat. But unfortunately sales letters play an important role when it comes to business, and in a way your sales letter is like your very own digital salesperson. A lousy salesperson will not only fail to make any sales, it will indirectly tarnish your reputation as a professional.


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Thanks to Chad Michaels (for investing months and not to mention, thousands of dollars) he has come up with Sales Letters Creator 2009. Sales Letters Creator 2009 is simply perfect for those who loathe the idea of sales letter creation or have never even tried writing one before. Simply put, anyone can do it, (producing high-quality and highly-converting sales letters in half the time if it was done manually) thanks to Sales Letters Creators 2009.

My Review And Bonus For Sales Letters Creator 2009

Could Steven Johnson & Chad Michaels latest product Sales Letters Creator
be the answer to a pain that exist in a lot of Newbie Marketers today?

Read on to find out more…

But before that…

I’ve a confession to make.

The last time I paid for a sales letter… It was for $4500

No joke.

Although I made money from it… But I’ve to admit, I have
to sell a whole lot more just to break even with my cost.

Which is why when my buddy Steven sent me a copy of their
latest Sales Letters Creator 2009

I ‘freakin’ paid attention.

Sales Letters Creator program

And you should too… if you’ve been through what I had in the

I quickly installed the software (no problems for me there)…
and gave it a go.

After like a hour or so… I finally generated a really nice
and polished sales letter.

The best part about this generator is that they prepared a lot
of great suggestions for your headlines and stuff which really
saves you a lot of time.

Secondly… everything is step by step and you’ll be guided
every single step.

Some of you might start asking this question…

So how much is Sales Letters Creator?

It’s DIRT cheap. It’s Probably less than $50 last I heard.

Yes It’s insane I know… which is why it’s a must have for those
of you who hate to write your own sales letter (like me) or pay
someone else a fortune for one.

Now you may be wondering why it took me so long… when
their sales page tells you that you can do it in 15 minutes flat.

Well it can… but the sales letter would be unpolished.

You see… to generate a great converting sales letter, you
first must know what are the things that will help your
product converts.

Because by at the end of the day… if you are not familiar with
conversions… the sales letter which you generated will only
be as good as you are.

The suggestions you choose, the bullets you come out with…
it’s all you. And you NEED to know what works and what doesn’t.

Which is why I’ve prepared some of my best bonuses to help you
out with this.

All I can tell you now is this, my bonuses will help you
use Sales Letters Creator the correct way so that every
sales letter that you generate is optimized for conversions.

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Remember… my bonuses will be the difference between a great
sales letter that will churn out endless profits for you or a
crappy and boring letter that will kill you business overnight.


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