PPC Loophole – Review & Bonus

On December 3rd 2009, the creator of SpeedPPC Jay Stockwell is releasing a killer product he call “PPC Loophole”.

PPC Loophole


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What’s PPC Loophole All About?

PPC Loophole is a new product create by Jay Stockwell, a very successful internet marketer from Australia…

So what about PPC Loophole you asked?

At first glance… we can tell that the name indicates that it has something to do with little known methods in the PPC world.

And it does exactly what the name indicates… You’ll learn some of the most overlooked online business strategies that has the potential to double your business using simple tweaks in your PPC Campaigns.

PPC loophole teaches what Jay calls his… Pivot Theories and then utilize their in house software SpeedPPC v4 to put the strategies into reality.

There’s 3 part to the Pivot Theory

  1. Traffic Pivot (simple landing page tweaks that doubles your traffic)
  2. Conversion Pivot (using relevancy tweaks to increase conversions)
  3. Live Time Value Pivot (Earn more from any customer without extra cost)

Here’s a video that will explain the Pivot Theory in greater details.
(How to take a $30/ day business and Pivot it to over $160,000 a year)


It’s amazing how such small tweaks can make such a huge impact to your business.

Note: beside the Pivot Theories, PPC Loophole teaches a Multiplier strategy that will take your business to the next level.

However… putting these strategies into play isn’t always ‘easy’ in the real world.

You’ll need to tweak your PPC campaigns… organize them… can increase relevance to your landing pages. You’ll even need to create separate landing pages for every page single keyword you have in your arsenal.

And that’s where SpeedPPC will come into play.

About SpeedPPC v4…

In a nutshell… SpeedPPC is a dream tool for every elite PPC Marketers out there.

The reason here is simple.

You can significantly reduce the time you need to setup a great PPC campaign (Adwords, MSN Adcenter, Yahoo Search Marketing).

What will normally take you days or week to accomplish now can be done in just the matter of 30 minutes.

The tool can be confusing at first… but Jay has solved that problem using over 30+ training videos and software manuals which is more than sufficient to train their users to master the software.

So… with that said… SpeedPPC when paired with the Pivot Theory… is nothing less then what we call a ‘Dream Team‘.

And the reason is simple. SpeedPPC easily take the Pivot Theory and turn it into a reality with a few simple clicks.

I am talking about creating individual landing page for individual keywords. This will help conversion rate (more money for you)… and your quality score (pay less for a higher ppc position).

Let me put this into a more clearer perspective for you.

My average starting campaign… has about 150 keywords in it. If I were to create separate landing page for each and every one of those keywords… it’ll take me … forever…

Now… 150 keywords isn’t really a lot in a campaign. Sometime (including my own campaigns) a campaign can easily go up to 2500 and above keywords.

Imagine having to create all those pages by hand. It’s almost an impossible task.

But SpeedPPC makes all this possible and it can be done in less than an hour.

This probably explains why when SpeedPPC just came out… it sold like hot cakes until today.

Who Is It For?

Ok… most people will tell you this. PPC Loophole is for existing business owners.

Which is true. But I think all PPC marketers should invest in this powerful tool… to help you save time and money.

Even if you are not making money in your business yet… this software (and the pivot theories) will definitely help out in your business.

In the long run… you’ll see that when you increase your CTR and Ad position without having to pay more in your bids… you’re actually saving more money (more profits for you too).

So if you are a PPC Marketer or if you want to start your own PPC Business… grab a copy of PPC Loophole before they close the doors.

What’s The Best Thing?

Ok… PPC Loophole ultimately helps PPC Marketers earn more money.

If you dig into the past… You find similar products such as Stomper Net’s Formula Five. Their aim is the same.

Use small leverages to increase your business profits.

But there’s two problems.

1) There’s no tool to help you implement the said strategies.
2) The price is insane ($1997 for Stompernet’s Formula Five) – PPC Loophole
is only a fraction of this cost…

What does this all mean?

well it means… PPC Loophole is an real live applicable strategy for your business and it’s pretty much affordable for most people.

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