PPC Bully 2.1 Suite – Bashing Review and $XXX,XXX Exclusive Bonus

PPC Bully 2.1 Review

Ok… I am really excited about this one.


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Hint: Find out what’s the most notable addition in this new
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I’ll sum it up in one breath.

“Tremendous value for a very low and affordable price”

That’s what PPC Bully 2.1 is about.

And mind you… it’s not just any value.
Only those important contents that will help you reach your goals as a PPC marketer made it into this all new package.

But before I list out all the ‘cool’ new stuff inside for you… allow me just to refresh you what PPC Bully is all about.

Prior to PPC Bully, if you wanted to peek into other people’s PPC account… you’ll probably need to kneel down on the floor and beg really hard… or spend a fortune to bribe some ‘insider’ to let you take a glance of it.

The guys at PPC Bully came out with an ingenious idea to create a huge database out of search engine data by periodically crawling them with their ‘bots’ so that their members can legally peek into other people’s account and then go ahead and copy what works and ditch those that doesn’t.

This is a tremendous way for newbies to begin their PPC career because all you need to do is search … and repeat.

This probably explain why the increasing number of success stories coming from the existing PPC Bully members.

It’s no secret that PPC Bully had what it takes to help skyrocket your chances to riches online.

SO… What’s new you asked?

Here’s where it get’s really exciting :)

For starters… they’ve added some usability enhancements + some new features + new keywords.

When you login to your PPC Bully 2.1 you’ll instantly recognize a new search feature known as “Search by Ad creative

All New PPC Bully 2.1 Suite

and… you’ll get more organic data on the keywords as well.

Then there’s a new software in town. It’s called Content Bully. It’s an entirely different software and it’s has also been updated with new search mechanism and algorithm.

PPC BUlly 2.1 Suite - Content Bully

Content Bully are used mainly for PPC marketers dealing with content network. You’ll even be able to use it to search for all other advertisers or product owners who have a mailing list.

This is very important if you want to email promos with other similar merchants in your niche.

Hence this software gets an absolute thumbs up from me as recently I am looking more and more into content networks (very lucrative… when done correctly).

Next in line is a 10 week undivided attention from Ran Arroussi, a very knowledgeable and successful internet marketer.

Yes it’s a coaching program and yes this is an advanced course.

I’ve taken the time to check out the help section inside PPC Bully 2.1 and I must say I am very impressed.

PPC Bully 2.1 Suite - Neat Help Section

Everything was kept really simply and neat. Very organized and very different from the last time when I visited this section. Last time it was messy and quite discouraging. However, all that has changed for the better. I think a lot of member will benefit from this section.

Words of praise: PPC Bully won my heart the first time around because of their unsurpassed support. They… in my opinion has the fastest support team (including Emil and Yefi) I’ve ever had the honor to deal with. I hope they keep it that way. Thanks Emil!

Also… I had the privilege to venture into their VIP club. The first word I can find to describe it is this. “YUMMY

Indeed it was a delicious treat.

Inside, there were live MYBully accounts used by PPC Bully themselves and they are sharing it with all their VIP Club members. Note that these are their own private accounts.

Go back and read that again.

PPC Bully 2.1 Suite - The WOW

That’s not all. Inside the VIP Club… I cannot help but notice these glittering gems…

  1. Free Collection of Negative words (priceless for PPC Marketer)
  2. Domain name Permutations
  3. SEO with PPC Bully

and much more… It’s insanely valuable (especially their private MyBully campaigns)
My advice is… If you’ve extra cash. Invest in the VIP Club.

Up next are the bonuses you’ll get from purchasing PPC Bully 2.1 Suite.

I won’t go into all the deals they’ve made with other product owners such as Speed PPC, Market Samurai, Stats Junky, Traffic Travis or Get More Buyers… because that might take me an entire week to explain them all.

But the once I really feel needs to be mentioned at the ones I am going to list down below.

  1. Rational To Emotional words collection (this will greatly help with conversion)
  2. Top 152 Niche List (Saves you all the time)
  3. Top 100 CPC list (ALL Adsense players MUST grab this)
  4. Top 100 Search for keywords (rare item here)
  5. Colour Report (very important for conversion as well).

Heck I’ve personally pay $97 just for the above collection and that’s because the above bonuses are used for advanced PPC Marketers who want’s to increase your ROI in your existing campaigns or venture out to different niches.

In my opinion there’s no better time to grab PPC Bully 2.1 Suite then now. It’s that simple.

Oh wait… before you do that… check out our 6 figure bonus.

Our Exclusive ($xxx,xxx) 6 figure bonus package.

The last time I tried PPC Bully 2… I think it was phenomenal.

In fact I call it the rain maker… and I made a bold statement that goes like this.

This is the PPC Tool which all PPC Marketers simply cannot live without“.

And I still stand by this statement strongly today. I’ve used it. Made money with it. And I find it quite… addictive as well.

However… It’s by no means an easy path to success.

The software is easy to use… but the trick is in how you find the right campaign or niche and how you go about dominating them.

Let’s face it. Almost 90% of the time, the results you find are rubbish campaigns started by beginner marketers.

You’ll really need to dig deep and be sharp to find the remaining profitable 10% of the herd.

Which is where our bonuses come in. It’s designed to help you learn the curve faster and understand the rules and principles you’ll need to quickly identify those campaigns that resides within the profitable 10%.

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