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Your Website – 1st Impression COUNTS

Posted on : 11-05-2011 | By : admin | In : Articles

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Humans naturally fear what they do not understand. In order for them not to fear something is to help them to understand it.

So what’s easy to make them understand something?
Show them something that they’re FAMILIAR with.

Or something that they can relate to. When you can achieve this on your web site, congratulations. You are this close to turning a potential prospect into a paying customer.

The success of an online business is nothing without its reputation. Big companies have already long established their brand and reputation. But we small ones have to build from scratch and this can be hard.

But it’s not a lost cause, as there are some things that are well within your power. Things that you can do to build that more “customer-friendly” website.

A simple testimonial can go a long way. When someone sees that someone has tried your service and product before and has a very pleasant experience with it, chances are prospects will do the same hoping for the same pleasant experience.

Testimonials really stand the test of time because it is like a review and also a recommendation from someone. If the person/organization behind the testimonial is a famous figure, even better!

It’s also great if you could have Twitter accounts and Facebook accounts for your business. Not only are these the bulk of where your future prospects are, you’ll have a chance to place these social networking buttons on your website.

Take for example Twitter follower counts.

When placed on your websites, it shows newcomers that you are someone or a brand where people do follow and its worth to follow. Chances are if the newcomer likes what you are offering, then he or she will follow you as well, adding to that ever-growing number of followers.

Same goes for the Facebook button where instead of follow you get the “LIKE” button. Where the number of likes shows how many people like your web page.

Another method that you can employ to help give that little push when it comes to call to action is to have only a limited number of slots of your services or limited number of your products. When you tell them you only have a limited number left, they see it as what you selling are going off like hot cakes and everyone wants a piece.

And it must be a good deal therefore it makes sense why is it flying of shelves like there’s no tomorrow. The customer (not to feel left out) will also want a piece and this equates to you having a sale.


Website development is one thing and web site design is another. During the course of your online business, you may have to go through several design changes on your website. It could either me major or small but bottom line is, you have to constantly tweak and fine-tune to find out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to customer conversion.

Entrepreneurs – Believing The Right Things

Posted on : 11-05-2011 | By : admin | In : Articles

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Be it Small businesses, medium-sized businesses or even large businesses, it all doesn’t matter as any of these businesses are more than susceptible to one thing.


This is a fact and the statistics prove it. Entrepreneurs and their businesses (online or not and regardless of size) are forced to close down or call it quits. The only positive thing that comes out from this is that we are able to learn from these people’s mistakes.

But as there are many reasons (and theories) to as why an entrepreneur’s business faces closure. Let’s bring out some common beliefs on what really is a business killer and see whether or not if it’s true.

The first belief is entrepreneurs fail because they lost did not stick to their long-term plan. This is true for small businesses however. For a small business, short term goals and results are more important than long ones.

This is because, small businesses usually have not much money to start out with.

Therefore there is not enough money to help sustain small businesses in the long run of things.

If you’d like to see your small business grow into a large one, a long-term goal and plan is more than necessary. But the trick here is to have your business operations based on short-term goals.

Another common belief on why entrepreneurs and their businesses fail is because entrepreneurs depend on only a small number of customers. This belief is true, but only if you have only 5 customers to start out with.

The internet is flocked full of potential prospects just waiting for you to come along with what you have to offer. But once thing for certain that everyone can agree is that, it’s always easier (time and money wise) to push your products or services to existing customers than it is to find new ones.

You should always keep finding new ways to bring in customers while at the same time, maintain a pleasant business relationship with your current ones. It’s a juggling act, but it’s something that will benefit you in the long run.

So how do you keep the customers happy? By giving them what they want right? So how do you go about doing that?


Encourage them to provide feedback such as discussions, suggestions and comments.

The next belief is that entrepreneurs fail because the tend to “undercharge” their clients. Actually, “overcharging” your clients is like shooting yourself in the foot and overcharging is more likely to drive yourself out of business compared to undercharging them.

“Undercharging” has it’s advantages and place. For example, if you’re a start-up company and you have yet to build your reputation and credentials. The only way to do that is by having customers. And when they like what you have to offer, your reputation will go up. So what is the best way to ask prospects to give you a chance?

By offering services cheaper than what most are offering. People can’t resist a good deal (including myself) and if you’re cheaper or the cheapest one available, people will come flocking in and looking for you.

When you have a better reputation and have positive testimonials accrediting to your good name, only then can you afford to charge a little higher for your guaranteed quality services or products.

Being an entrepreneur has its risks.

But what makes an entrepreneur a successful one is the ability to pick themselves up when they fall, brush it off, learn from their mistakes and move on forward.

Tips For An Ailing Website

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Nobody ever wants to build a website which nobody ever visits, or one that nobody likes. But of all the millions and millions of websites available on the World Wide Web today, they fall into 2 categories.

Yes, only 2.

And when you build your very own website and get it online, your website will definitely fall into either one of these categories. What are these categories? I call it “Hit” or “Miss.”

Do you see the bigger picture now? Your website could either be a big “HIT” or a total “MISS”.

Of course everyone in their right mind would definitely prefer their website be the former than the latter.

But, this is not the only hurdle when it comes to a business website.

A business website might be able to pull in customers, but you don’t gain much from just getting visits alone. You need the customers to take action. And if they’re not taking action, your website is just a wasted potential.

But notice I said “potential”.

Meaning, just because a site starts off on the wrong foot doesn’t mean it’s a lost cause. It can be turned 180 degrees around, in the right direction. And hopefully with some pointers outlined here for you today, you can slowly salvage or further improve it.

So what makes a website have visits/view but no action?

First reason is largely due to the reputation of your sight. Or to put it in another way, how reputable it looks. You need a site where your target customers can relate to. When they can relate they will feel more at ease or “safe” when browsing through the stuff. Give them what THEY want to see and they will give you what YOU want.

You also need to build trust with your visitors. This is where 1st impression really counts. And if she deems you suspicious or as a probable fraud, you seriously need to re-design your site and the content you put up there.

Content-wise, it would be perfect if you could include any recognitions such as

awards, certifications, security badges, testimonials, comments etc etc…about your company’s business on your website. This is a necessity if you would like to establish your website to be a trustworthy one.

Another reason your website is not seeing much action (beside page views) it’s because you’re most probably guilty of directing your customers to (just) your home page.

When you have a website that deals of other (related-or-not) services or products, the home page is only a general of your entire operations and it just doesn’t really give the customers what they are really looking for.

It’s like leaving them in a hotel lobby when all they really want is to book to stay for the night. Wouldn’t it be better to ask them instead what kind of room are they looking for? / the preferred view? / how many night of stay?

Get where I’m going?

Customers who are ready to buy most already know what they want. So that’s why your website should have proper and relevant “segments” or “sub-pages” which can cater to specific customer needs and wants.

You can also refer to these as “landing pages” and many business web site owners fail to see the importance of landing-pages or do not spend enough time developing,refining,tweaking it. So don’t let their mistake be yours as well.

One last (and certainly not least) reason is your web pages doesn’t have a “CALL-to-ACTION”. Each web page on your site must have an objective for its existence. It’s simply not built for the sake of filling in the gaps or making your site look bigger. You’re only wasting your precious time if this is the only reason.

What’s the point of offering a great product or service if you don’t have something at the button that says “Order/Buy Now”. But what’s also important is not only having a “CALL-To-ACTION” you have to know where and when to place it.

Imagine having a “BUY NOW” button or link above a service or product description. You’re asking people to buy something they don’t even know. it’s very awkward and it comes off as pushy. And this is definitely not good for business.

So try out these simple methods today and remember, it’s all about constantly tweaking of these methods to get the desired results you want. Your website can definitely be a “HIT”. Like always, it’s just a matter of “how”.