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Mafioso Marketing 1 – The Rise

Posted on : 17-09-2009 | By : admin | In : Mafioso Marketing 2

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The Godfather of Mafioso Marketing

In preparation of Mafioso Marketing 2, allow me to share with you about Rhys Davies’ previous version of Mafioso Marketing. Rhys is a man who believes in M.I.F. It’s an acronym he came out with, which stands for “Monthly“, “Instant“, “Future“. It is an odd one I might say, but it’s what Rhys truly believes in and he stands by it firmly. It is the heart of Mafioso Marketing after all. What MIF actually stands for is Monthly, Instant and Future. These 3 elements are the core of Mafioso Marketing and can be applied to any aspect in it. Even every single subniche can have its own MIF element.

The M.I.F Element

Take for example the “Monthly” element, what Rhys would so it create a low cost membership site which is recurring, hence “Monthly”. As for “Instant”, he would create a report and sell it with reprint rights for driving free traffic and generating immediate income, hence “Instant”. Last but certainly not least is the “Future” element. Rhys would create a whole network of content sites to drive even more traffic to his product or membership web sites. So basically Rhys is trying to tell you here is, to create products which can give you income monthly, instantly and in the long run (“Future”).

Serious Business

He believe internet marketing should be treated seriously and not as a hobby or as a joke. In his words “Take this seriously and you will go far. Treat your IM business like a joke and you will get joke results.” With thousands of Mafioso Marketing 1 copies sold and $100,000 ++ worth of profits from it, you know Rhys Davies means serious business. Imagine what Mafioso Marketing 2 holds in store for all of us.

It’s time to join the family of organized internet marketing…

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