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Google Snatching

Posted on : 04-09-2009 | By : admin | In : Google Snatch 3

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Google SnatchGoogle Snatch version 1

The brainchild of Latif, Google Snatch was revealed to the world in September 2007. An impressive 6,000 copies were sold and it made alot of people very rich and therefore, very happy.

The said course focuses mainly on FREE traffic generation employing techniques and methods that have been proven to work. Yes, FREE. Besides traffic generation Latif also touches on importance of keyword research as well as on-site optimitization of your web sites, all in the name of directing traffic to it.

Google Snatch 2

Google Snatch 2

Even with such a successful product behind him, Latif was still not content with the already popular and highly demanding Google Snatch. Latif went on to work on an even detailed, updated and improved version of it and released Google Snatch 2 in the following year, covering even more traffic generation areas and more.

Needles to say with such a reputable brand name, it went on and sold more than 8,000 copies! Besides being a quality product by itself,  the large factor of its success is that his program can be picked up by anyone as it was designed and meant to be beginner-friendly.

Google Snatch ULTIMATUM Google Snatch 3 ultimatum

With the ever evolving pace of the internet or affiliate marketing world, it’s only natural that Latif releases his biggest and boldest version of Google Snatch yet to date.

It’s set to be released on the 15th of September 2009.

As the launch date approaches, we will be preparing a no-holds-barred Google Snatch 3  – Ultimatum review just for you.  Be prepared to be blown away.. again!

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