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The Amazing Story Of How I Got Myself

45 Expert Guitar Tutors


All Dedicated To Give ME

Guitar Lessons

At The

Comfort Of MY Own Home…”

And None Of Them Ever Laughed

At How Utterly Hopeless I Was

When I First Started…

Why Settle For 1 Guitar Tutor When You Can Have 45 Experts Teach You Right At The Comfort Of Your Own Home Right?

That’s exactly what happened to me when I accidentally stumbled on almost a year ago. I was actually looking for acoustic and electric guitar lessons online.


To me, is what I call the ultimate online guitar University and the best provider of internet guitar lessons.

Never before has learning been this enthusiastically fun-filled, yet effectively educational at the same time.

It’s true… I thought I would never get to enjoy my lesson because I’d be too embarrassed to practice in front of other students and instructors at a guitar class. Yes… I was hopeless but not anymore.

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Anyone Can Learn This!

At Guitar Tricks I was provided lessons all the way from the absolute beginner guitar lesson all the way to intermediate and then finally progressing through to the more advanced stages. Of course I started from scratch and took it one step at a time from there starting with the beginner guitar lessons. These simple and easy guitar lessons have managed to help me build a solid foundation to work on.

Heck I didn’t even know how to hold a Guitar pick properly when I first started


Yeah it was that bad!

Which brings us to the next point, learning.

Have you ever joined a music class before? Well I have and I hate the feeling of always getting left behind and worried that since I am a slow learner.

At Guitar Tricks… None of that matters because I get to learn at my own pace and guess what? I was able to concentrate without having the fear of other people laughing at me! Ah, the benefits of internet guitar lessons.

I was able to set my own pace and I can move on to newer lessons only when I think I’m ready and comfortable enough to do so.

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Guitar tricks is like having my very own personal guitar tutor (45 of them actually) on standby 24 hours a day.

All 45 of these expert guitarists are always ready to teach me, wherever and whenever I’m ready to pick up that guitar of mine to start learning.

Right now… each time I pick up my guitar I just can’t wait till I am able to play just like Jimi Hendrix, John Mayer, B.B. King, Chet Atkins Zakk Wylde and many more. With Guitar Tricks, this has all been made possible for me as I am improving each and every day with lead guitar lessons.


You can also choose the style of genre that you wish to learn, be it Blues, Country or Rock (my personal favorite), it’s all up to us. Why settle for one when you have the option to pick the all styles guitar lesson.

After all, it’s the diversity that makes the guitar such an excellent instrument in the first place and Guitar Tricks knows this. It doesn’t matter if it’s an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar. That’s why they have different instructors which specialize in different styles. You’ll more than likely to find more than 1 favorite instructor there.

I know I do.

I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes

At First…

Instructor at Guitar tricks are not merely just normal music coaches who are doing this on their spare time. Guitar tricks instructors are comprised of worldwide and world-class, highly-experienced, highly-qualified guitarists who are singers, songwriters, composers, producers, Berklee graduates, and secessionists for mainstream artists.

I was certainly impressed when I did a little research on their background and biography. Certainly makes me feel more confident being in such capable hands.

And they are here at Guitar tricks to solely help people like you and me to be a better guitar player and most importantly of all, to have the most fun you can ever have playing the instrument that I love the most.

It’s true that great guitar players don’t necessarily mean they make the best teachers, but Guitar tricks are flooded with testimonials and praised from customers that are so happy with the effectiveness of the teaching methods that they can’t help but write in to express their gratitude and satisfaction.

“I can’t believe what I am now doing!”

-- Bill Bertalan
“Am a beginner and I just started with Guitar Tricks. I decided to start with an 8 lesson set from Lisa McCormick on Acoustic Fingerpicking. What an instructor. She made it so easy and natural. I can’t believe what I’m now doing. Nothing short of fantastic.

I would recommend your service to anybody who is serious about playing and enjoying themselves doing it! ”
— Bill Bertalan

“No guitar teacher would have the patience!”

Bryan from Eugene, OR U.S.A “What you’re offering is, it seems to me, unrivaled in its value.

I’ve been playing guitar for many years.

I’ve bought books, books with CDs, guitar magazines, private lessons, on-line lessons and nothing comes close to the variety and usefullness that’s available on your website. The tutorials are “bite sized” and multi-media. I can’t do much with a whole book of Jimi Hendrix tab. (I’ve tried.) I need a series of little steps – clear, slow, and well explained that I can replay as many times as I’d like.

Guitartricks is visual, audio, verbal, musical. I’ll watch a lesson video a few times and just listen and get the feel…

Then I’ll watch some more and just watch the fingers. No guitar teacher would have the patience for the scrutiny and repetition I’m into with Guitartricks. Thanks for putting it together.

Rock on.”

Bryan from Eugene, OR U.S.A

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Most of these testimonials like the ones above say how much their guitar playing has improved dramatically since joining Guitar tricks. And many of them have gone on to learning the more advanced guitar lessons now.

My guitar skills have certainly improved since joining and I’m beginning to play songs which I can only dream of playing. (Unless I’m playing the air-guitar then any songs are possible ;P).

Over at Guitar tricks there are literally thousands of guitar lessons and tutorials which covers every specialized style and technique (around 3000!) and more are being added to their repository every single day!

To be honest… I am still blown away by the amount of online guitar lessons including tricks and tutorials available at Guitar Tricks until today.

Every time I start a video… it just feels like a personal tutor is just sitting right in front of my eyes demonstrating a lesson in a one-on-one manner.

And That’s Not All

Guitar Tricks also have a list of online tools which are tailor-made especially for you. Tools and softwares such as an online metronome, reference tuner and of course Guitar Tricks’ very own “JAM STATION”.

As for the membership price, considering the materials, resources and not to mention all the qualified instructors available on Guitar Tricks, it definitely is a steal and worth more than every single penny.

The best thing is, even though I’m paying a low fee every month, they grant me unlimited access to their ENTIRE SITE!

I don’t think there’s anywhere else on earth where you can pay a painlessly low fee of $12.95 and have 45 instructors teach you and pass down their guitar secrets.

Look at it this way, if you’d spend as much for a cup of coffee at Starbucks, it’s only as good as a few gulps. Whereas what you’re getting from Guitar tricks for the same amount of money spent is a skill that lasts a lifetime. Note for the guys, you can’t impress girls drinking coffee, but you can, with playing the guitar.

I could go on and on for hours… but the fact of the matter is this.
If you are looking for a place to learn guitar … Guitar Tricks on-line guitar lessons will not let you down.


This is how learning should be and it just doesn’t get any better than this.

Matt Travis


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