Google Snatch 3 Flawed? Yes... But I've solved the puzzle for you.

"... And so I started thinking what *I* could do to supplement 'Google Snatch Ultimatum' in a way so powerful that my buyers could have a massive breakthrough before the end of 2009..."

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From the desk of: Mr.J
Time: 15th Sept 2009,
Re: Special Bonuses Available Only For The Next 50 25 12 Buyers

Fellow Internet Marketer,

Mo Latiff, is coming out with the next Google Snatch Sequel... and after an extensive chat with him, I can tell you that Google Snatch Ultimatum is one of a kind and will definitely change a lot of lives in the future.

Google Snatch Ultimatum... otherwise known as Google Snatch 3.

Nice name... but there's more to it what the name suggests... I know because I have a chance to dig into it rather deeply.

Took me a few days and it was worth every minute.

Ok... lets get started with the review shall we?

I am really excited for this one. No seriously.

Getting Traffic online IS a big issue to most marketers. And most people just fail flat when it comes to this.

Mo latif, creator of the Google Snatch brand is different.

He is rather good (if not the best I've seen) when it comes to generating traffic. And not just any traffic.

Plus... It's Free targetted traffic which I am talking about here.

And that's the best traffic you'll ever get anytime :)

Why I Liked Google Snatch Ultimatum?

Ok, I literally torn apart the entire package and it's got some of the best stuff to offer see in this business.

You see when you buy Google Snatch ultimatum not only are you getting Google Snatch 3 you'll also get the previous Google Snatch 1 and 2.

There's videos, mindmaps, blueprints and manuals all carefully written to help the buyers 'Get It'.

Over 400+ pages worth of pure content that mezmerizes even me.

I am talking stuff inside his book like

"Don't Blog Until You've Read This"


"The Truth About Page Rank"


"Stupid Tricks Marketers Play"

These are just some of the many sections that really opens my eyes and showed me a whole new level about google and traffic. I can't help but feel that Google Snatch Ultimatum is written with genuine intent to help others succeed.

There's just so much in there and I find myself captivated helplessly throughout the book unable to take my eyes off the screen... even once.

And not just that...

Latiff understands thoroughly that techniques alone won't get you far. He goes all out to give you the fundamentals of success and marketing to ensure your success.

What's unique in it?

I guess I don't have to tell you after reading the above that the content itself is unique.

Mo leaves nothing out. He shares his dark past... he shares his recent discoveries... he shares everything he knew that will benefit his students in the long run.

I mean to say his techniques are everlasting. It won't matter if google decides to change their already confusing algorithm over and over again.

And what i really liked about Google Snatch 3 is that Latif tries his best to keep things really simple where just one of his business model can be used in partically any niches with minimum tweaks.

And there's no cost too... because you are not paying for any of those high converting traffic.

Who is it for?

Based on what I've seen inside Google Snatch, I really have to say that Google Snatch Ultimatum is suitable for newbies all the way to advanced marketers.

There's just so much information in there and quite frankly, a lot of the stuff Mo shares are 'rare' and you definitely won't see them in your usual traffic course.

So if you are someone looking for more traffic and how to turn those traffic into sales... this is for you.

However... There are some problems...

Over the years of my time online I've come to realize one thing.

And that is that most people trying to market online will face a lot of problem with either copywriting or gathering traffic.

Which is why, to prepare you for your journey ahead, I want you to have these as my bonus for you. It is my most priceless possession and there's a good reason for it.

I owe my success to the contents of these very bonuses I am handing over to you.

You see... like of the people out there... I too had trouble with copywriting and pulling in the right traffic for my business.

But I kissed these problems away a long time ago and I never looked back.

You really need to conquer this two area if you want to make it big online and that there is just no secret to it.


I'm going to do something I've never thought I would do. I'm going to give you my
Secret Files And Techniques...

And not just any files... only the ones That Has Made Me Thousands Of Dollars Months After Months - for the past 3 years

**Secret Files #1 - Mind Control Marketing Worth $97**
- Note: These powerful tactics will finally be revealed for the first time in IM history...

Before I go into the details of this special bonus... allow me to ask you a question.

What good is free traffic if you can't convert them into sales?

Good question eh...

The fact of the matter is... Traffic is worthless if you can't convert them into sales or money.

Which is why I've taken the initiative to write this report Mind Control Marketing.

This has never been revealed anywhere else before in the Internet Marketing world. And this is everything it is to reach the decision maker in your customers brain and you'll soon see hordes of buyers lining up your doorway desperate to hand you their hard earned money.

Inside you'll learn the only 6 things that matters to your customers. This book will reveal to you what works and what doesn't.

You'll be able to instantly distinguish why some marketers don't know what they are talking about.

You'll instantly become a conversion expert!

These techniques are scientifically proven by expert neurologist... it's so powerfull no wonder you don't see any of those gurus sharing them around.

You'll even find out exactly which technique inside Google Snatch Ultimatum works better than the rest and how you can replicate the process over and over again.

Be prepared to be showered with heaps of cash.

**Secret Files #2 - Copywriting Power Pack Worth $297**
- Note: This will solve Google Snatch Ultimatum's Main Flaw...

*Sorry Howie, but after going through your materials... I was shocked with what crucial information you guys have left out...

To get the most out of Google Snatch Ultimatum, you'll definitely want to learn more about copywriting (Copywriting = Persuasive writing). Because the bottom line is this. If you can't write you cannot communicate and if you can't communicate you cannot persuade.

Even my friend "Alex Goad" - A very successful internet marketer says this in his blog:

"Let me say it without mincing words: copywriting is the marketer’s prime value. If you fall short here, you will NEVER get to the top. Never. "

Here's the thing with Google Snatch Ultimatum. To become successful with it... there's a lot to learn. Stuff like how to tweak and test your landing pages and managing your campaigns. Finding the right niche and where to get your products and how to use google to pull in the best traffic.

Do all that and will you make a rent cent out of it? Maybe... if you're an experienced marketer... if not... it's the doom pit you'll fall into. Why? cause after all the hassle you did for your website and put it up ... there's a high chance you'll see that your landing page not converting into sales at all...

The truth of the matter is... it happens to everyone who is new to the game... It's not because that their product sucked or anything... and it certainly was not because they had no experience...

The bottom line is this... get this wrong and see all your efforts get dumped into the trash bin together with those rotten eggs...

Now don't get me wrong here... The quality of the Google Snatch Ultimatum is of top quality... it's just that it isn't complete. You can't blame them for not telling you about copywriting right? After all their course is about marketing... not "How to write like a world class copywriter".

With my e-book - Copywriting Power Pack, I am going to teach you everything you need to know in a unique way on how to counter this serious flaw...

**Secret File #3 - Master grade Swipe Files Worth $497**
- Note: This will further solve Google Snatch Ultimatum's Flaw...

What are swipe files you asked? Well here's some definition I got from Wikipedia.

"A swipe file is a collection of tested and proven ads and sales letters. Keeping a swipe file (templates) is a common practice used by advertising copywriters and creative directors as a ready reference of ideas for projects.

Copywriters are not the only ones who can benefit from having a swipe file"

"Swipe files are a great jumping-off point for anybody who needs to come up with lots of ideas.

Swipe files are also commonly used by Internet Marketers who need to gather a lot of resources not only about products but also about marketing methods and strategies."

There... couldn't have said it better myself.

Swipe Files are the easiest ways to inspire you when you are writing the contents for your website your ppc ads or your landing page (All these are crucial to Google Snatch Ultimatum student's success). It is also the best way for you to learn about copywriting. Use them wisely and learn from the work of copywriting masters around the world.

My collection consists of 300+ swipe files. All which you can use to either learn, study or use to spice up your own copies. Take not that these are not just ANY swipe files but my most precious of them all. I use them all the time and will continue to do so for a very long time.

If you are serious in making your dreams come true... then you simple MUST grab my Master Grade Swipe Files.

Don't believe me? Then take a quick sneak peek at my Master Grade Swipe File collection.

Impressed? Wait till you see the rest of the 300 over files... You'll be floored.
Like I said... this is not just any swipe file... only my best of the best ultra effective collection made it into this package. Which is why I am limiting this offer.

**Secret File #4 - Conversion Madness E-book Worth $197**
- Note: This is something you need to learn or else...

Conversion Madness is all about conversions. You'll learn all the Copywriting Essentials from my copywriting power pack. And then you get all the examples you need from my Master Grade Swipe Files.

Conversion madness will then help you skyrocket your conversion rate using little known tricks and psychological triggers that you don't find in your typical e-book.

I've learnt these tricks myself throughout my years of testing on live sites. Yes, it is safe to say that these were my hard earned experience and they work like nothing else. These conversion methods proven to me time after time that it has the ability to convert my visitors into sales and I am pretty confident that it can do the same for you as well.

Google Snatch Ultimatum teaches you everything you need to know about recurring products(so now you know you don't need bonuses that teach you this eh...). They teach you what products to promote, how to find your niche and give you the ability to negotiate with your merchants. They teach you how to do your landing pages as well.

But this also means other buyers are getting the same stuff you did as well. Both the amount of your competitors and the play level will rise significantly. In order for you to survive there's only one way to go from here.

And that is to get your page to be more persuasive using top notch copywriting techniques and then convert them into sales using hidden and subtle triggers.

Such is the purpose of my bonus package. And mark my words, those who were not able to get their hands on my bonuses will regret many years ahead.

See for yourself what these conversion secrets has done for me... with just 1 product! :)
(Maybe I should say that this bonus is actually worth $33k??)

**Secret File #5 - The Shortcut - Worth $77**
- Note: 80% Of The Marketers Fail Online Because Of This! Don't Add To The Stats...

Let's have a heart to heart talk.

There's something you should know about Internet Marketing that no gurus want to tell you.

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Why are you not making a single dime online while a select few are making an absolute killing and living a live of their dreams?

I did...

And I found the answer to this and made a fortune online.

Here's a tip... this is a problem that exists in everyone of us. And if you don't get it fixed... you'll always stay average and you'll never see yourself in the light of success. Every single marketer I've came to know online
knows this.

However... I've got to warn ya.

This isn't any sexy stuff. Which is probably why no one even bothers to tell you this.

Plus... the interesting part here is this. I did a research about this and found out that an amazing 80% of the people fail online because of this problem.

My experience, my insights, my techniques, my research and all these are all yours as a bonus. With this you'll be able to easily overcome this obstacle and start on an amazing journey towards endless wealth.

Remember, this is something you 'must' overcome before you even think about making money online.

The Shortcut is my masterpiece and I've sold thousands of copies of it online. You get it free as a bonus.

If you are interested to read my sales letter for this you can go to the link below and check it out (don't buy it there... it's free as a bonus if you buy Google Cash Sniper from my link below)

With this, I am confident you'll truly be able to find your place online and truly quit your day job.

With this, your purchase on Google Snatch Ultimatum will be complete.

But Wait...

There's more

Additional Bonus #1 (12 Seminar Videos - Worth $147)


If you join Google Snatch Ultimatum from my link, you'll get these Seminar Videos for free.

(If you've seen these screenshots elsewhere, they are probably stolen from this site.. :/)

Grab these 12 exclusive videos and learn how these industry experts earn their millions online.

Over 12 hours worth of seminar videos that delivers everything that Google Snatch Ultimatum failed to mention about making it big online.

And to add some icing to the cake

This is gonna be juicy for the Newbies...
Exclusive Training Videos (Worth $147)

Remember... if you do not know how to start build your own website... these videos will teach you exactly how it is done and much more. Plus.. it's simply easier to learn when you watch them on videos as you'll see it done and performed live.


"Just So If You Are Wondering What Kind Of Results I Am Pulling In with My Techniques?
- I'll let you take a sneak peek into some of my recent accounts and see for yourself "


There is something very, very important that you have to know to make money with online - if you realize it. If it wasn't for this, the results I am about to disclose would not have happened.

And the funny thing is, very few internet marketers even know about it... but I will return to that point. For now, let's discuss about my discoveries .

With one of the methods that I've tried, I was able to earn $4k in 6 weeks with just 1 of my accounts.

Here's another one of my many accounts... $3k in less than a week... not bad for 1 product

My Email Inbox Is Usually Packed With These Every Morning

There's more to where these screenshots came from... but I think you get the point...

Remember, I can only offer this for the first 50 25 12 because it would be silly to let the whole world know about money making secrets...

Note: If you are serious in making money online then you MUST know the proper way of doing it right .. If you screw it up.. you might as well pack up and go home empty handed.

Which is why this bonus package is one of the most relevant and will directly supplement Google Snatch Ultimatum's Techniques like never before.

If you are serious in making money with Google Snatch Ultimatum , you absolutely must grab my secret report instead of all the other worthless junks offers out there.



To get the exclusive, Bonus Package FREE (worth $1459) , there are three steps you need to take ...

1. Click on the link below.
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2. Click here to Order Google Snatch Ultimatum

3. Send me your receipt - forward it to - and I will send you access instructions to all the bonuses, as soon as I have confirmed your order.

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But, remember to do it fast - my bonuses are not going to be available for much longer... and if you don't get both Google Snatch Ultimatum, AND my bonuses, you are going to lose out to the competition. That much I promise ..

Remember that my bonuses are only available from this web page; no-one else is offering this, and no-one ever will; which means you have a massive advantage over people who have Google Snatch Ultimatum but don't have use my methods to maximize their earnings, AND a massive advantage over those who don't even have Google Snatch Ultimatum .

P.S - F.A.Q Question 1: Will I Make Money With Google Snatch Ultimatum ?

Answer: Yes, Google Snatch Ultimatum is all about helping you as an individual make a killing online... it becomes so simple once you understand how it works... But... you'll run into trouble trying to solve the flaws of Google Snatch Ultimatum really soon which is why I've packaged my bonuses to solve this once and for all.
You have been warned.

P.S.S - F.A.Q Question 2: There are tons of bonuses offered out there. Why should I get Google Snatch Ultimatum from you?

Answer: Because you are smart. My bonuses are packed to help you learn and make money with Google Snatch Ultimatum easier. That's what matters most after all...

Unlike the other bonuses out there that gives you softwares, scripts, private label rights... illegal or unresponsive email lists, and etc...

There are affiliates out there who are giving out ipods, televisions... cameras... as a bonus.
I mean come on man... TOYS? You want toys? Are you serious with your business?

Would you like to grab a heap of bonuses just to find out later that you don't need any of them at all? Not me.



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