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Benefits Of Listening To Your Customers

Posted on : 06-05-2011 | By : admin | In : Articles

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Just how do you know what your target audience really wants without them telling you (in some form or another) what they really wanted in the first place right?

Many people are comfortable with assumptions and when it comes to business, assumptions means taking risks. Risks which can pay off, or on the other hand, cost you time AND money.

So getting feedback from customers here is just as important for you, your business and as well as customers. If you can give customers what they want, more customers will seek the products and services that are offered and when customers are happy, so will you (and your business).

To encourage your customers to interact or provide feedback to you, to have to actually make it easy for them to do so. In most cases, if you’re about to get a genuine response from a customer, chances are you’ll never get it if it’s too bothersome for the customer.

An example would be not leaving a contact number or e-mail in your web site or online profile on a social networking site.

Since nearly everyone that owns a computer is using Twitter now, so should you. Twitter is a great way to inform updates regarding your business/company/organization and it’s also a great way to ask for feedback, suggestions and answer any questions that your customers may have.

If you take the time to reply to your customer’s questions, many people will see that you show a genuine interest when it comes to caring for your customers and this can significantly boost your the credibility and reputation of your online business. And when you have a purely online business, reputation is everything.

Another great social networking website to have an account with is Facebook. There are even more people who have a Facebook account compared to Twitter and chances are if a person doesn’t have a Twitter or Facebook account, he or she will have the other.

Try to create surveys or polls often to ask them what they want, or what would they like to see in the future. Asking for their opinions and to voice out their suggestions shows you really care and what they say matters which makes them feel more important and this keeps them coming back. And a higher chance of them coming back with someone.

When it comes to asking for feedback, keep it as simple as possible. The kind of questions that are great to ask are Yes-or-No or polls. But sometimes it is necessary to find out what they want through questionnaires. It’s good to only ask one question at a time and do give your customers ample time to answer before bringing the question down or moving on to the next one.

To showcase the importance in knowing and giving what your customers want , here is a case study which highlights this importance.

Harrah’s Entertainment was a business that owned casinos, hotels and spas. They took the initiative to monitor social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook to find out what the customers were saying about their accommodations and services.

What they found out was, customers wanted to know details such as room size and what was on the menu and services offered that came with the room. Needless to say, Harrah’s Entertainment responded by making amendments to their online ads by including in the details that many customers sought after.

The result of these simple changes?

Harrah’s Entertainment online booking went up by as much as a double-digit percentage.

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