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Looks like the guys behind Google Ambush, Google Massacre and My Clickbank Business (Andrew X and Steven Lee Jones) have been busy working on a secret project together. After all this time of development and testing, it’s finally complete and is now ready for the world. Introducing …


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Auto Profit Launcher

With Auto Profit Launcher, building, operating an online business has never been any easier.

Are you a technically-challenged person? Can’t tell from your HTTP to your FTP? URL from your HTML? Never learned any coding? If all of these are simply alien to you then look no further as Auto Profit Launcher is perfect for you! It takes care of all the technical stuff behind the scenes so that YOU DON”T HAVE TO. It certainly doesn’t get any easier than this.

Auto Profit Launcher is a powerful piece of software yet it’s designed to be user friendly.

Auto Profit Launcher Reviewed

Why Am I Excited?

I’ve never been this excited when I am reviewing
a product online. Never.

The truth is… I’ve just does a 15 minutes test drive
on Auto Profit Launcher. Yes… 15 mins. That’s not long right?

Well here’s the thing.

After 3 minutes login into the access specially granted by
Steven (Co-founder of Auto Profit Launcher)…

I made this… with just a few clicks.

Auto Profit Launcher screen capture 1

And that’s a site with site maps, terms and conditions
privacy policy, graphics, articles… you name it… it’s
all in there.

Go figure.

It’s not complete I know… but it’s 85% done already. And
that’s only 3 minutes of my time.

So What IS Auto Profit Launcher?

Well… to make it short, it’s your own personal web designer.

But it’s not a human we are talking about here. It’s a web based
software that will take any orders from you and turn it into a
reality within minutes.

Yes… finally we can say goodbye to all the technical hurdles
that had literally caused 70% (if not more) of to-be internet
to fail even before they actually start.

I’ve tried it and I think Auto Profit Launcher is a miracle cure.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is just starting out and do not know anything on
how to create your own website must grab a copy of these.

Which means… this isn’t for everybody. If you already know how to built
a website… then good for you, you don’t have to read any further (unless
you are thinking of buying this software for someone else who needs it).

But for those of you who are not tech-savvy or if you don’t have
the starting capital to hire any decent web designers… this software will
become priceless for you.

How does it work?

Actually… it’s very much like sending an email. Or installing a software.
It’s a wizard and all you ever do is make some choices.

Here’s a little simulation…

Step1: Choose your template
Step2: Edit template
Step3: Publish

Auto Profit Launcher screen capture 2

It simply does not get any more simpler than this.

My verdict…

Here’s my story…
When I first started thinking about how to earn money
a few years back… I was all into Real Estates
and small businesses.

Every time I visit a local bookstore I’d downright ignore
those books that explains about making money online.

The reason then was simple. I knew nothing about building
a website or any programming etc…

Then one fateful day… I met my other half (she’s my wife now :))

If it wasn’t for her… I would not be where I am today.
I mean she studies IT (information technology)… so creating
a website wasn’t a big problem for her at all.

… so it went on from there.

Now every time when I think back about this… I feel really lucky.

And I know that not everyone is as lucky as I am… until now.

Take my advice… marry yourself to Auto Profit Launcher.
You’ll never have to worry about how to create a website ever again.

All you need next is how to send traffic to your site and convert
them into sales :)

which is what I will be focusing on my bonuses.

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