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An Online Business Is Still A Business

Posted on : 12-05-2011 | By : admin | In : Articles

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The idea of working from the comfort of your very own home and being your own boss is of course…a very tempting image inside anyone’s head. Yes, online businesses can work, it can be lucrative but it is also hard.

The images you see of people sipping margaritas on the beach while working on a laptop is actually the REWARDS of a successful business.

An online business, is just like any other business. It takes significant work and effort in order to be a successful one. Even though there are some perks working from home, there will be just as much work, (if not more) that has to be done.

Many people think that working from home is gonna be easy, and if they maintain this mindset, they are going to fail even before they start. Before you even consider starting an online business, you are going to have to throw that mindset out of the window if you want to succeed.

One reason many online businesses fail to even take off is because many people think that is easy. And people who think that an online business is easy will not even bother to learn anything.

If they think it’s really that easy, then they should be asking themselves a few questions beforehand. You may have an idea of what you want to do for as a business…

But how do you sell it online?

Where do you sell it?

What do you sell?

Where do you find what you sell?

How are you going to advertise?

Where are you going to advertise it on?


There are literally hundreds of questions concerning just selling a product or service online. If you don’t bother to learn the ropes, you are going to be stuck staring at a blank screen.

Fortunately for us, the Web is full of information regarding the proper approach on how to conduct an online business. But you have to know where to look and you must have the thirst for the knowledge. Only then you will know what options you have and only then you can make carry out informed decisions.

Sometimes an online business may require a small investment (such as payment for banners and ads). With adequate knowledge, you use the time and money you invested for your online business in a more effective way.

There are millions and millions of website on the World Wide Web. When you have a website of your own, it’s easy to overlook yours if you don’t have something special or unique that sets your website from the rest.

Sure, you can emulate the more successful websites, but you can only go so far before becoming a total rip-off of the original site. Learn what works from their site and make it your own to be used on your website. The key is to learn what works while still maintaining your unique identity.

Sure, our goal is to sell stuff online but there is also a delicate approach when it comes down to it. You can’t force what you want to sell down people’s throats. You’ll only drive them away.

Your website doesn’t really have to be all about selling your product/service from header to footer. Include value for your customers as well. Try to offer free content, such as informative articles, funny videos, free e-books, and such. People are more likely to buy from you if they like you, rather than not.

The beach image is not mentioned earlier is not a lie. It’s just a preview of what’s to come after you have put it time and effort into building your online business into a successful one.

Testimonials – Saying It Right

Posted on : 12-05-2011 | By : admin | In : Articles

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Once you have done all you can to pull in traffic into your website…this is just beginning. This is because traffic means nothing if there is no sale and at the end of the day, that is what matters.

Web traffic are made up of individuals who are visiting in your site, and if you are able to convert these “visitors” to “customers” then you are finally heading in the right direction.

But, the reality is that not every visitor who comes to your site will buy. Maybe for you’ll get a sale every 1000 visits, or 600 visits, or maybe even 3500 visits.

This is also known as the conversion rate. And what we want is to have a high conversion rate.

There are plenty of things which can affect your website’s conversion rate. What we are about to discuss today is merely one out of many factors. (Even though this is only one, it doesn’t make this any less important).

A lot of website owners ho are selling a product or service severely underestimate the power of testimonials. Therefore testimonials on their website are non-existent. If you’re one of these people, let me help you see the bigger the picture on how important they are.

How many times when you’d like to try something new, you’d actually seek the opinions your friends’ who have already tried it out?

Take for example if you knew a friend who tried out the restaurant that you have been wanting to go, you’d ask him/her how it was right?

When he tells you about his experience going the restaurant, the food, the people, the environment, that’s HIS/HER testimonial right there!

Do you see the importance now?

But of course, you shouldn’t go crazy and start pasting testimonials all over your website for the sake of just having it.

How many times have you seen single-worded testimonials such as “AWESOME..” or “GREAT!” or “A MUST-HAVE!”, followed by a first name and no picture.

This is not a proper testimonial and this might be even bad for business compared to not having it at all.

There is a PROPER approach to getting and putting up a real, solid, magnetic testimonial.

One of the best ways to obtain real, honest and positive testimonials regarding your product or service is……of course from people who actually use them.

You can e-mail simple questionnaires to your current customers asking for their opinions and what is it that they really like about your product or service. Remember to keep it simple and only easy-to-answer questions please.

Having a questionnaire look like an official government form will not get you many replies.

Here are some great and yet simple questions to ask them :

What to they think?

How did they come across it?

How did it improve their lives?

How has it helped them?

What was the favorite thing/feature about the product or service that they liked most?

Would you recommend it to your family/friends?

People tend to be very cautious on the World Wide Web (what with all the bad rep and all) and therefor if might take some convincing to help them determine that you and what you are offering is the real deal.

And a testimonial is just that.

The answers you get from your customers will be a great justification to why your service or product is really great.

Of course it’ll be even better if you can get a testimonial from a famous figure who happens to be using your product/service. Famous figures or faces such as someone who has already a very established and highly reputable company/brand. These are always the best kind of people to have, to write a testimonial for your product or services.

Hopefully you find what you have learned here today useful.

Good luck and here’s wishing you all the best in your online endeavors!

Facebook Marketing Approaches

Posted on : 11-05-2011 | By : admin | In : Articles

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Facebook has outnumbered Google in terms of active users. But honestly, it’s not that all surprising because it’s been like for quite some time now. Unless something else better (or even more fun) comes along, its gonna be very hard to knock Facebook of that top spot.

So even when you know where’s the party at, it doesn’t mean you just log in the website and cash in just like that. You have to know how to approach it in a right way, otherwise your time and efforts will just be a waste of time.

Here are some tips which you can use to help with your Facebook marketing approach.

Facebook can be one of the most fun and yet suitable place to provide customer service. The conventional online forums or live-chat sessions can be costly and time-consuming to set up. Not to mention it is kind of intimidating for first-timers who are looking for help.

When they’re unsure or uncomfortable, they’ll prefer not to pursue looking for help and their problem will go unsolved. Thus an unhappy customers is usually a lost one.

Facebook however is a fun and friendly platform which is more than able to provide these kinds of services. And the best of all is that it’s free!

Through Facebook you can easily interact with your customers through Facebook Wall, status updates, IM-style chat and more.

Another great way to get what you want to say out there, is to do Facebook “tagging”. When you tag a user in a photo or video, the tagged person will be able to see it in their News Feeds. And in turn, their friends can see it.

Tagging is a great way to reach the masses and tagging should be done as often as possible. Just be careful of the photo or video that you tagged them with though. Keep it clean and nothing potentially offending.

Also, try to search for Facebook page/group admins. It would even be more perfect if the page or group has tons of people in it and if the group or page is related to your target niche.

Contact them and try to collaborate with these admins by providing them incentives or rewards in exchange for them posting a message in the group/page wall regarding your product or services. (Imagine the potential of a group/page with 10, 20, or 100 thousand people!)

When you have set successfully set up your Facebook page, there is one more thing that you can do. The wall of your Facebook page shouldn’t be the first thing that newcomers should see. There are just too many updates and comments going in it might be overwhelming for newcomers.

It’s a good idea to have a sort of “Welcome” page. It can be a video or a short description to better describe what your business is all about. This is the perfect opportunity for a call to action. You could either ask the newcomer to click on “Like” to access your page.

The Facebook “LIKE” icon is one of the most recognized icons on the world wide web today. And chances are, every internet has at least come across it once in their online surfing. Therefore you should also do the same and have a “LIKE” icon like for example on your website blog.

Where you place the “LIKE” button is just as important as having it in the first place.

Try also to include the “LIKE” button on your blog posts and sign-up form or opt-in form (if you have one). You would have to do some research, testing and experimentation to help determine what are the other places that’s best to place the “LIKE” button. The general rule is to make it accessible and easy to see.

When you do business online, do not be surprised if you do come across some less-than-desirable feedback regarding you and your services. But that doesn’t mean you should remove the comments section once and for all.

If you still allow commenting while at the same time addressing the issues that the customer is unhappy about, shows that you genuinely care and have an interest in what customers have to say. People will see you as more credible and genuine.

A few negative comments is better than no comments at all. But if there are more far more negative comments than positive ones, maybe you have to take a step back and review your business product, service and approach.

When you embark on an ad campaign in Facebook, it’s not advisable to have the link in your ad pointing back to your Facebook page. Your Facebook ad will need to entice clicks but they should be directed to your WEB SITE.

Your web site is where you have full control of everything from how it looks, the content and all the way down to your call to action. If you do it right, you’ll have a higher probability of converting prospects into paying customers at your web site thanks to Facebook.

At this point of time, Facebook is still ever-growing and therefore it is also ever-changing. There are many ways to approach marketing in Facebook and what may work today may not work tomorrow.

But, there are also will always be new ways that exist in its place. In order to keep up and ahead of the competition, we have to constantly keep a look out for these newer ways.